Want to Know How to Improve your Gas Mileage?
Drive with Care for Gas Mileage Savings

fuel mileageOne of the best fuel mileage savings is to keep your car well maintained. Getting your car serviced regularly, which includes oil changes and tune-ups, maximises your fuel economy. Your tires need to be in good condition and the correct spec for your car, wide tires, although cool, increase gas mileage consumption.
Driving tips to save on gas mileage and to get you to your destination safely:
Stick to the speed limit.
Maintain a constant speed and avoid constant rapid acceleration and braking.
Anticipate actions on the road ahead.
Remove items that increase drag, such as roof racks and bicycle carriers and excess baggage.
Use the air conditioner sparingly.

Energy Stickers and Gas Mileage

fuel mileageInformation regarding a vehicle’s fuel efficiency is available to consumers in the form of energy rating stickers which have been affixed to new cars for a number of years. These stickers provide information on fuel mileage, estimated annual fuel costs and savings, as well as the vehicle’s environmental impact including greenhouse gas emissions and smog ratings. The aim of measuring the vehicle’s costs and tailpipe emissions is to create a level of awareness among consumers of their vehicle’s costs and its environmental impact, and to save fuel, with the added benefit of manufacturers investing in the development of vehicles that can be run on alternative fuels.

Cutting Gas Mileage Costs

fuel mileageThere are a number of ways to cut down on your fuel mileage costs, simply by being proactive and planning your car trips will help enormously. These simple tips will result in immediate gas mileage savings:
Check traffic reports; avoid traffic jams, road closures, accidents and road works.
Plan your route; know where you’re going and the most direct route to get there.
Condense your trips; rather combine a number of errands into a single round trip.
Fill up at the gas supplier which offers the cheapest fuel price in your area.
Walk and cycle whenever possible
Use public transport; take the subway, train or bus.

Improving Your Gas Mileage Efficiency

Gas mileageWith the cost of gas being so high attaining the optimum miles per gallon is a priority. There are many ways to improve your fuel mileage consumption, from simple solutions such as not over-revving your car or driving at excessively high speeds, to more extreme measures such as replacing your car with a more fuel efficient model.

When purchasing a new vehicle, both the fuel economy and tail pipe emissions have to be taken into account. Drivers worldwide are looking for clean, fuel-efficient cars with very low carbon emissions, whether the cars are powered by advanced internal combustion engines, fuel cells or electric motors.

Improve Your Gas Mileage Today

fuel mileageThere is an ever increasing number of cars on the roads around the world (currently estimated to be over 600 million,) and all require gas fill ups. Most of the drivers of these vehicles are concerned about their gas mileage, and are constantly looking for improvements. fuel mileage savings start right at the beginning, before you even purchase a new vehicle. You ask yourself, “What will it be? A Hummer H2 with an average of 9 miles per gallon, or, at the other extreme, a gas-electric hybrid PriusT3 which averages around 70 miles per gallon?” Consideration of greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and the resultant effect on global warming are also topics high on the agenda for those concerned about the environment.